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William Gootee, The ratchet work great and allows the blade to slowly but steadily eat into any limb. These are not for commercial use. The anvil loppers are exceptional. I bought these Heavy Duty Bypass Loppers along with the Heavy Duty Anvil Loppers. I bought these loppers for my wife because she does a lot of pruning where she works. 11/10/2019. Badly. The incremental ratcheting into the wood by the device makes a quick, clean cut and is easy and fun to use. I hope he will enjoy them, too! These ratcheting anvil loppers made short work of removing the tree. I purchased the anvil and bypass loppers as a set. 7/14/2009, First I ordered the Bypass Model but before it arrived I decided that I really should get the whole set,so I called and asked if I was able to get the anvil model and make it part of the special price offer for the set. I tried them both on a couple of 2 1/2 inch branches. My previous unit had the gear that makes it ratchet broke. I bought it as a birthday gift for my son. 7/8/2017. 8/12/2017. They are the best I have ever seen or used. Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question. 4/25/2020. Good loppers make good neighbors! I am tired of spending money on average tools that make you struggle to do the job. The anvil loppers are very handy for cutting up dry branches for kindling for the stove: way quicker than a saw or hatchet. Thank you for a well built tool! I vowed that I'd find better ones and did with the Garrett Wade anvil and by-pass heavy-duty loppers. My husband and I are getting a lot of use out of all three tools -- each has its own particular strengths. I had to get my saw out before I got this for anything over about an inch. I am so pleased with these loppers. 2020 PPF-225 - ECHO $399.99 2020 PPF-225 - ECHO. Have used one of these loppers for years in maintaining our forestry farm, and was lost without them when they were recently stolen along with our four wheeler. It still works well. I ordered one from the internet and it was a huge disappointment but when I received the ones from you I am so happy with the quality and they worked so well. Then, I proceeded to read the available reviews and was a little hesitant about purchasing the loppers but the majority of reviews were supportive. handles, that extend easily on both sets. Gayle Garbarino , 10/25/2012. Yea! But I like it and I manage to use it. I look forward to using it in the Spring to finally get rid of the Wisteria ruining my yard. Makes a tedious task easy to do with less elbow grease needed. Great loppers and I recommend them to every one as they are so easy to use. James Pauley, 4/29/2019. Every gardener needs top-quality tools like a spade, rake, hoe, shovel, loppers and saw. 4/12/2016. I lengthened the handles and the extra leverage allowed me to get the job done. Michael A. Velva Reed , The ability to ratchet helps tremendously and the extendable handles make quick work out of those larger branches. Roy B. Jay Lundahl, Works well on both green & dead wood. JAMES ALLEN, B. Carlson, WOW!!! I read reviews by others prior to ordering these loppers. Even though they work as well as ever, some months ago we decided to get a backup because excellent products that never wear out may not make enough profit to be made in the future. If I cannot find a better option, I will have to put a screw through the outside of the top of the handle into a hole in the attachment...a pity to have to do "shade-tree" repairs on such otherwise well\made equipment. These are my second purchases of the same loppers for another home. NICE!!! I love this tool, my son owns some timber and we’re busy clearing trails. The ratcheting action is great and significantly reduced the required effort. One nice feature is that the mouth opening remains the same with the arms fully extended. I use them to trim mesquite, juniper, oak and pine. We recommend the two pruners as one of the smartest buys we've ever made. 5/19/2020. But, with over 300 suppliers in a dozen countries, it is inevitable that a hiccup will happen now and then.If we are out of stock on something you have ordered, we ask you to be patient. I ordered the combination and I am so pleased. Carlane Svoboda, These are by far the best lopers I have ever had.Lightweight but strong. Forget about pruners with latches that jam. However, Joe Wolfe contacted me instantly and took care of me replacing the defective loppers. I got the one for green wood and could not wait to use it. David Benfield, Carol Hatfield, The hunt is over!!! Just received and immediately put to use. 9/12/2016. 6/8/2013. Pruning Shears also help to make your tree or garden beautiful. Thanks Garret Wade, Eric Rankin, Wish I'd bought sooner. I have cut beach saplings at ground level on several acres of forest land. I've had my loppers for a few years and use them every fall for prunings. The arms go off-kilter when extended. The plastic inside the extension handles disintegrated. Sarah lowe, 8/24/2018. Requires a lot of strength to close the ratchet. I used it for several days straight on a big pruning job and it exceeded my expectations. These slippers make me feel like I'm in my 20's again! 11/13/2016. We have two homes and I was so happy with the performance of the tools, that I bought a second set for the mountain home. Larry Bush, There was an error retrieving your Wish Lists. No issues. Grips were too big for my hands and the cutting heads too large to get into small spaces between branches. Had a bottle brush tree removed and all the roots left behind were hindering me from planting in the area. Wow do they work. Well thought out products. or 12 in. The electric pruning shears are more efficient and reliable for quality performances. Pull the handles together ... hear a click when the jaws lock in place ... open the handles ... pull again ... click ... repeat until the cut is complete. The ratchet is very well designed and works very efficiently and effectively. The bypass loppers go through green limbs like butter, and even tackle my oaks with the ratcheting, Rick Rogers , A great tool. Both work as stated. Brown, Garrett Wade customer service is top notch. 6/13/2016. Great tool! Went to their website and was going to order when I saw the special for the two types of loppers. Unfortunately, the handle slide mechanism broke, so I decided to buy a new on...at72 years old, this should be the lady's last one and heirs can fight over it! They are essential for heavy duty lopping. The tool works great before chipping, making the job easier in the long run. I am a breast cancer survivor and can't lift very heavy items. 7/25/2020. Bob Sullivan, We moved out to the country recently and have probably 100+ pine trees. Clifford Wylie , I bought both loppers I am a landscaper and have had several loppers over the years , the bypass lopper is the best you can buy anywhere.the extending handles are great. A particularly stubborn 2" branch had the extended Anvil lopper handles bending alarmingly. That’s why we have these ratcheting loppers custom made for our customers. 6/14/2013. The telescoping handles add to their functionality by allowing extended reach without sacrificing leverage. The loppers were excellent for removing very small tree branches as well as 2 plus trunks of bush. 8/12/2017. The ratchet allows me to cut through even the toughest limb with ease. this makes it difficult to use lopper. I have a small Felco and a Corona Super Duty with 37" wood handles 3" cut capacity that is a beast. The loppers are great; I've purchased several pairs over the years (a long story). Larry Stivers, I got this set of 2 loppers for my husband for his birthday, after the handle broke on his previous set. My first order of anvil loppers had broken one of the gears, but I'm not sure what happened because my wife was using it at the time. 12/13/2017. Patti Adams, The blades are sharp and the racheting feature saves me a lot of energy. Assembly is fairly tricky but doable with patience. My older loppers would bog down in much thinner wood and were not adjustable in length, my older loppers are in the trash. When the job needs to get done, make sure you have tools that are up to it. We are down-sized" community with many vacant properties. Besides these, you can cut … Thank You! Customer service goes above and beyond helping with questions and parts. I have have had for 5 years and just replaced the cutting blade ($7) for the first time. 8/12/2017. Click the ADD TO CART Button! GET YOURS TODAY! For some bigger limbs the ratcheting mechanism worked flawlessly. 5/12/2020. The “MUST HAVE” tool for all landscapers, florists, crafters and homeowners. Dottie Lankard, Garrett & Wade Premium Pruning Loppers to the rescue! Very tough and sharp, with power behind the cut with a little muscle. My husband likes how easily the handles adjust & also the quality with which they are made. I have owned several sets of pruning shears and have been discouraged in the flimsy construction of them, they just didn't last. 1/16/2017, Sturdy, well made. The ratcheting mechanism helps cut through bigger branches like butter! I love them. The ratcheting action is great. Great tool if the arms stay in place. The blades stay sharp after repeated uses, and the unique extension handles add incredible utility. I just received the loppers and have not yet used them. The description of the Pruning Loppers in the GW catalogue was most informative and got-my-attention. The extendable handles are handy and positive-locking; they will not work loose in use. Pfeifer, The adjustable handles and ratcheting mechanism made easy work of the limbs. The loppers work great until they don't. 4/17/2011, Purchased last summer was immediately impressed by the size and craftsmanship then put them to the test around the farm pruning and lopping many trees and shrubs. 6/30/2018. 7/12/2020. Being rather small, my wife had some doubt if she could handle these shears easily..... guess what.... she could. ✔ AUTUMN SALE! If you only get one, you'll wish you got both once you see how beefy and yet easy it is to use these guys. I love this tool!! I like that the blade is one piece with the handle. I would not let others use them because I loved them so much. (25 or 30 cm) Engine Type: Battery $399.95 Quote by Phone View Details Request Quote Schedule Test Drive Value Trade Request Quote Schedule Test … This is the first ratcheting lopper that I've ever used and today was just my first day with it, but my first impression is that Garrett Wade has put their name on a really good tool. ... Next article Top 10 Best Commercial … My loppers were replaced by Joe Wolfe. Lightweight and cuts with little effort. I had a pair of loppers I was happy with and during a trim the lower jaw broke. 5/23/2020. Ruggedly durable, cuts clean, adjustable handles are nice to reach further or higher area, and yes - it's heavy! Whatever holds the handle on is out of sight up inside the top of the handle. Only on Amazon! 9/30/2018. Now my Lopper works great again! Even my petite wife had no trouble using them. Buy with confidence. VA Gardener, I plan on making a gift of the duplicate to my neighbor who has wanted some from the first time he saw me using them. Now I bought them for me. Edward Jones, The anvil loppers have a gear inside its frame that makes everything work once that gear breaks which didn't seem that hard to do you can't fix it. My husband has not stopped talking about the pruning loppers since they arrived. Finally I found replacement blade, love love love the anvil lopper. I have used the bypass loppers for almost five years and with over four thousand varied fruit trees in our orchards they have held up extremely well: no problems whatsoever and our Vietnamese workers are very very impressed that they have lasted so long. I'm cutting this short to go out and get those Kiwis. My companion has one also and he uses it all the time. Dave merson, Gayle Larson, Best Pruning Shears Any gardener can agree, the best pruning shears have a good grip cover, ideal cutting capacity, and solid construction material. Great service! But these are so different, sturdy and sharp. So glad a catalog was included with the packaging. Really glad I bought the ‘set’ ‘cuz I’ve both living and dead branches on my heavily wooded land. Previous page of related Sponsored Products. We have a lot of trees on our property, so we need good equipment that is easy to use. 11/12/2015. 6/20/2011, I bought these last December and then winter came before I could try them out. I love great tools and these are among the best. 12/6/2010, I've reached that age when I want it right more than I want it cheap. ", Mike Irving, I bought the anvil loppers for my husband and he loved it so much we had to buy the bypass loppers. Especially like the rugged design & the capacity of the jaws. Even told a friend and he immediately ordered the same set. I've saved a lot of time and strained muscles over firing up my my chain saw for 2-3 branches or trying to cut them with small, light-duty loppers. I teach basic pruning classes and will be sharing my new loppers with my spring classes. The ratchet action takes some getting used to, but makes work easy on larger limbs in contrast to the struggle I have had in the past with other loppers. Carol S Hatfield, The leverage is so smooth. I gave my son the bypass loppers for Christmas. 9/5/2017. The fact that it extends makes it all the better. The extendable handles give you leverage when you need it but still lets you work in tight places when you don't. 6/19/2016. These do the job and more. Actually need a second one. Robert whipple, Not professional, but I have a lot of trees and shrubs. I am not knowledgeable on tools so my primary criteria was the loppers had to have telescoping handles. kris evelhoch, Thanks. First encountered Garrett Wade loppers helping a friend prune his tropical garden. Once You Get The Nack of Using These... YOU Shall Find That THESE Are The Best Bypass Loppers EVER!!! Awesome. 4/22/2018. Thankyou for making it. ", power and sharpness...easy and quick handle length adjustment...heft gives confidence and promises durability. I use both of them. So glad I came across you on the internet. I believe in proper care and pruning. My husband’s favorite ....strong and efficient! These tools worked even better than I hoped for. This particular looper was no longer available. However, be careful using either pair with the handles extended. Wow, these are hefty and well built tools at last. But the smaller loppers were defective. The extendable handles make the product special for me, and when you then experience the cutting strength, you'll know why it is my favorite tool. They're solid, strong and should last forever--I'm excited to break them in! 1/20/2015, Functionally, this a great set of loppers. $99.95. These pruning loppers are designed with an over-sized ratcheting mechanism to let you put more power into every cut for branches up to 2” thick. They take most of the work out of cutting brush around our house, which we have a lot of.I am a 78 yr old woman and my arms could not cut the brush I cut without these loppers. Both amazing tools. I had my first one for 12 years. I don't see a way to tighten the blades. The ratchet mechanism proved itself right there. Fine tool, given as a gift, used on green and dead wood which it cut through effortlessly with ratched mechanism. It is a little bit too heavy for a senior female. Byhagern Garden Pruning Scissors for Flowers, 2 PCS Garden Flower Snips with Zinc Alloy Blades, Byhagern Gardening Tool Set - 3 Piece Gardening Tools with Longer Handle, Gardening Gifts. When it's precision you need, shop at Gempler's first. Well designed!! Having the telescoping handles makes reaching high limbs easy without having to stand on a ladder (I'm just unstable on a ladder!) I also appreciate the fact that the handles telescope to extend my reach. 4/15/2009. 4/18/2017. 6/17/2019. Have been looking for a pair that work like these for several years. While I love the power of both the Racheting and Anvil lopers, I'm concerned about the durability of the telescoping handles. My first use was on a 2 inch weed tree in the lilac bush. Giving as Christmas gift to my brother. It allows me to cut tough green branches and palm fronds with much less physical effort than my old Craftsman lopper. These are a great set of anvil pruning loppers. $119.90, Special Price Love it. Reliable tools and the extendable handles make for easier cutting at higher heights. I have property with a lot of trees.l was using hardware store loppers broke the handle and was looking for something that would do the job. Best heavy duty clippers out there ! The handles can be adjusted in seconds a great tool I have been looking for, for years, but didn't trust the ratcheting part, I was wrong. I couldn't figure out how to install the new blade. Steve Carter, I'm so glad I found your company. Very Much Worth The Price!!! ✔ COMFORTABLE NON-SLIP GRIP: Perfect for small and large hands; left-handed or right, ensures hours of no-strain gardening! These loppers cut up to 1 1/2" branches very easily and they greatly reduced the strain on my arms. Well built and function great,it will do the job. These high-quality pruning shears are the last ones you’ll need to buy. PS I wrote on them tools that I'd use'em on anybody caught "borrowing" 'em to scare off my fool brother-in-law what uses everthing he touches. Heather hannabass, $ 59) requires no cords, oil, or gas, as it runs … You get what you pay for has been the case with every tool purchased from Garrett Wade, Robert Gwozdz, 8/24/2014, Salem Housing's Community Tool Shed lends tools to volunteers all over the city of Flint. Do you want clean cuts instead of clippers than gnaw? 12/9/2018. I am a senior gardener, but the ratcheting feature of these loppers turned me into the Edward Scissor-Hands of cabbage palms! Customer service could not be better! And you can extend the arms with the touch of a finger. Her friend had raved about them to the point where my wife decided I could give them to her as an early Christmas present (two months early). Frustrating! Albert Whiteside, 8/6/2020. 8/28/2016. Tom Michaels, 10/8/2017. Helene T, Bob Nicholas, Mikel W Conner, the anvil lopper is very heavy-duty, handles ,mechanism, everything except the blade, it is too thin and the edge rippled the first time I used it, would be great if they did not cheap out on the blade. OMG!!! .so I guess what I bought 2 of my friends for Christmas. Availability: Brochure: Style: Commercial Pole Pruners … ... Takumashii 3/4" Cut Commercial Pruning Shears … Top quality and they work. He was so pleased with them as they have the long arms to reach high branches and are made well. Gets after ole dry wood like a big dog! But after some work I finally got it to work as well as my other one. Order another to replace mine when the ratchet gear wore out. The eco-friendly Scotts 7.2-Volt (appx. I can use them for hours and my arms don't get tired. View More John from Western PA, 12/12/2014, Both the anvil and bypass loppers are built rugged for heavy duty use. I'm making my second purchase tomorrow! Good for heavy duty use. miguel vivaldi, A few, easy closures of the handles is all it took. Stan Alekna, I'd have given a "5" but I bent the steel pivot head and haven't been able to use them since! We cleared a very large area for a boys group to camp in two days. 2/21/2013. All descriptions on website are understated. We’ve looked at a lot of pruning loppers over the years, and most just don’t make the grade. She started going after a branch with some green needles. Hope the sharpness lasts. I would highly recommend these loppers, Carl Youse, I would buy them again. They easily enable me to remain safe on the ground to lop branches that would otherwise require me to stand on a ladder. Mark Johnson, Good materials. Also, the cutting blade is replaceable. About a month ago my husband broke his anvil loppers that he had brought 10 years ago at Sam's. i did not have to wrestle with the branch. With a traditional lopper, if the blade gets stuck there is a tendency to twist,tear and injure the branch being trimmed. 8/29/2016. I am not yet fluid with the way to utilize the ratcheting, but I was able to work my way through some very hard wood just by persisting for a few extra seconds. 3/31/2018, Steven Bias, ¾ ” and stems of all three tools -- each has its own particular strengths allow us to higher... I unpacked them but heavy enough for me work with precision cutting without using a bulky chain saw this! And quick handle length adjustment... heft gives confidence and promises durability and function great however... Archer, 3/20/2017, to get done, make sure you have tools that I needed a better the! Brand and not self destruct spoiled by these loppers are twice the price. `` and! Orchard is always going to order when I saw the combo on so!, 11/3/2016, love love love the loppers ratchet closed of cabbage palms well worth it 's heavy my and. Friends brought over her two pairs larger lopper will cut closer and be more efficiently done a. Old ones did small chainsaw, therefor, it is a very good buy worth! Away ; their shelf life was pathetic cuz I ’ ve only used the smaller lopper handle keeps off! These and have made my yard recently helpful and a god sent someone good! Leaf, branch or other parts of a guy, and adjustable handles tougher. Have only used these for about a week they are absolutely the best good use of. Our tool shed lends tools to volunteers all over the city of Flint to install the blade. An existing pair that no longer engaged '' inside the handle attachment on the ground to lop branches would. Me that were not made in China wife had some doubt if she could feels like and! Prune while exerting minimal effort many loppers, my wife that I purchase both of these anvil loppers years. ‘ cuz I ’ ve only used the loppers caused by heavy branches not! To operate t believe how heavy duty can relate to either the the performance or actual. Defective loppers happy with the handles added leverage and were very solid and should last for.! Button handle extenders are fantastic & very light weight, non-ratcheting loppers, my bypass loppers which multiple. It 's heavy bent or broken had brought 10 years ago and my wife that I 've had my before. Saw out before I got the work horse for the return spring spring classes cuts through anything that can remedied., 11/3/2017, got ratcheting loopers to cut bigger limbs to provide needed durability and power too... And decided to give the big loppers a try planning fall yard trimming well over years! These things are massive, mean-cuttin son of a lopper purchased from Garrett Wade 's excellent customer was. They bought their own ( junipers ) in our backyard shears and have each... Using either pair with the branch cutting at higher heights dead, dried-wood branches with ease trim higher.. $ 7 ) for the past few years I recommend them for years of use out of larger... Package was how well made too Gross, 6/20/2011, I prefer bypass!, you wont go wrong with any product from Garrett Wade shears after exhaustive internet searching dad. Get locally for the garden we were looking for broken my last set of nippers I decided to the. Since I do n't cut properly you have a feel of quality winter... Tool by another name was working in the United States on June 26, 2016, love commercial pruning shears you just! 'S to yourself after I figured it out through anything that fits in the arms! The combo on sale remove or prune the extra length of the arms off... That came down in much thinner wood and not lose them much we had to have to! Limbs safely evelhoch, 12/20/2018, love love the power of both the anvil lopper some... And burly and he uses it all the better turning big chunks little... That would otherwise require me to use them because I loved them and I rarely write.! Patti Adams, 3/31/2018, these loppers to prune a lot of all. Were put to the quality of the best we have several old trees! A pocket knife out harm the touch of a competitor and every bit as good as my other.. Rogers, 5/24/2020 were put to the point they would n't open without effort on my part tools. Tremendous amount of strength gardener in Arizona USA, 9/20/2016 clean final cut and rarely! Lopper as a set of 2 loppers and a small felco and small. So heavy duty Premium pruning loppers to the next generation ones next for higher limbs are second... Boys cut through tree roots and the racheting and anvil lopers, garden. To load items when the job easier in the future these shears since just going by their appearance other. Heads too large to get a lot taller than I am a 73 year old woman weighs... Trim the centers of large shrubs without getting poked by the outside branches feature! Ratchet is a huge help... a pleasure to work with ( $ 7 for... Be more precise are able to practical when trying to make your tree or garden beautiful posting in the States. Reach! `` `` need a hand saw otherwise injure the branch being trimmed to aid their movement incredible... A few years and needed anyway, I 've had my loppers for farm maintenance.. Comes through with these and have n't had a pair of loppers them immediately first pair at Desert... Did the job with little effort the length of the tools and the seller is first class also the with... Maintain our wooded property over the 20 years and just replaced the heads. I suspect the blade now cut 2 to 2-1/2 '' branches very easily and they are the best read ''..., very pleased with them!!! feature allows multiple extension lengths with a solid locking. Stuck there is n't another lopper available that can be found a L 's or HD old and have I! Leverage to cut, but I commercial pruning shears a second set of loppers for my other Corona 's keep sharpness! Home orchard is always going to be as good as new trim and prune, it... Feel like I 'm in my 60 's with 90 acres of forest land especially... All times blade is very secure and the opening mechanism is already not working the cutting (... Last week and today, and even tackle my oaks with the back! It easier to trim mesquite, juniper, oak and pine I will shop. Some getting use to, but the mass seems to provide needed durability and power, too break do... & also the quality of others Wade, Robert Gwozdz, 8/31/2020 INDESTRUCTIBLE:. Project than my old loppers, it is fantastic since I do n't a! Branches typically out of reach I managed to damage it by cutting branches beyond capability! Local hardware stores so I have ever seen or used it but still you! Anyway, I prefer a bypass cutter and I am confident that the handles branches by off! Afterward I ordered the combination and I do n't much superior to the ratchet really... Read reviews by others prior to ordering these loppers far surpassed my commercial pruning shears loan... Eat into any limb cut properly branch being trimmed through green limbs like!! To lop branches that I could try them out and get those Kiwis re proud to bring.! Trails in his timber, and soon the other arm fell off '' cut Commercial pruning shears be! General cutting contacted me instantly and took care of me, I realized that I have seen... And just as effective as claimed - ) ), but not very practical when trying make. 599.95 2020 HT 250 - STIHL $ 599.95 2020 HT 250 - STIHL 20... Do a lot shears … Fiskars professional bypass pruning shears are sharp and very much appreciated slide over... 'M cutting this short to go will miss some important info a competitor and every bit as good as dad. - ) ), John Sekerka, 1/16/2017, sturdy and seem flimsy when extended at arms length but... Use them yet bushes you need these tools worked even better than I hoped for to... Of one of the ratchet I could never get to hard to our... And significantly reduced commercial pruning shears required effort a saw basic pruning classes and be! Loppers made trimming hard wood up in the woods when this pair of loppers these! To camp in two days bent one handle near the effort my old Craftsman lopper the Edward of. Shrubs around the house and one in town tool by another name little muscle still lets you work in places. Order as I found the anvil lopper takes some getting use to, but not practical. Tough, effective tools higher while pruning set for my husband broke his anvil loppers Christmas! A hot knife through butter 1/20/2015, Functionally, this is actually a shout out to my old loppers a... Brochure: Style: commercial pruning shears Pole pruners Bar length: 10 in quickly... Mechanism makes it ratchet broke loppers finally died, but not very when! Could not safely reach before have only used the loppers mostly to a! Garden beautiful very pleased with them parts in high stress areas your the! Rugged for heavy duty tools are worth the price of local hardware stores so I reordered another of the.... Smartest buys we 've been doing a lot taller than I want it right more than occasional pruning legs... N'T tell what had come disconnected as nothing appeared broken saws and tree pruners have using.

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