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Three Isle Lake campground gets a lot more use than Aster Lake, so we were roused pretty early by the sounds of screaming kids and barking dogs, which I’ll still take over a generator any day. Often, there is snow on this slope, so enjoy the boot skiing as you descend. It was a surprisingly cold morning, but the sun warmed things up quickly as we got to the parking lot. August 4th-5th, 2017. Perhaps earlier in the season, this mistake would be impossible to make, but do take note if doing the hike later in the season. The ridge continues straight for a time before drawing the left with a cairn to mark the turn. It is hands down one of the most beautiful trails I’ve done in Alberta! The median age for the test and control group was 50 and 62 years old, re- Exposure World's Greatest Day Hike Northover Ridge Loop, Alberta, Canada Published 2014-07-28 18:10:40 UTC Story by Kyle Frost. It intrigued me and caught my interest because of these things but for some reason, either campground bookings or timing with days off with friends, it just never happened. We arrived later in the evening, and someone was camping illegally as there were no tent pads left even though we had a permit. This is where we made our costly mistake….instead of turning slightly to the right to head up Mount Northover, we followed a draw along the dried up stream bed to the left. It is covered in shale and talus, so running may be slow, but there is little concern of exposure. We considered turning back to Aster Lake campground, but we had not booked for that night and didn’t want to rob anyone of their spot. August 18, 2012 3003m Kananaskis - Kananaskis Lakes, AB/BC This summer has been awesome for me ticking off the "multi-peak scramble traverses as day-trips". To that end, opinionated experts such as the Copelands who wrote Don’t Waste Your Time in the Canadian Rockies, give it such a resounding recommendation that we knew that it had to be part of our Alberta Bucketlist. The amazing Northover Ridge. You will want good boots and poles for this, especially with your heavy pack. Still, I do not regret the trip since there are plenty of day hikes that can be done from either of the campsites and I would never have discovered them if it weren’t for Northover Ridge. If this is not your stop for the night, then enjoy a nice lunch break here and continue on! Before heading up Northover Mountain proper, the trail will drop down to the south into BC and towards a couple small lakes. We do not want any of you to make the same mistake as us since there could be serious consequences. Continuing the climb to Northover Ridge, you’ll straddle the divide for 2.5 miles (4km) with some mild scrambling and exposure. The smell inside was pretty awful when we were there, but the view from the loo more than made up for it. Another issue on this route is water. While I do enjoy high Rocky Mountain Views, exposed ridges like this seriously harsh my backcountry zen. ( Log Out /  Northover Ridge is a 36 km loop located in the Kananaskis Region in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park along the Continental Divide. Myself, along with two of my girlfriends Tera and Kat, set out for our two day adventure at the end of July. The Mountaineers define scrambling as follows: “Alpine Scrambles are off-trail trips, often on snow or rock, with a ‘non-technical’ summit as a destination. Exposed on both sides, a fall or stumble would likely prove fatal, so exercise extreme caution on the ridge! If you started your journey here then you are officially done! You can run some sections but the talus and the exposure are pretty limiting, especially if you're solo. Hiking Northover Ridge (narrow section) in less than ideal conditions ... Backcountry Exposure 7,892 views. Yuck! ( Log Out /  This can be easy to miss, so keep your eye out. The campgrounds would obviously be reversed if you did it this way. Travel advice, stories, and inspiration! It is covered in shale and talus, so hiking may be slow, but there is little concern of exposure. HIGH exposure … We have both done multi-day trips before, have some navigation training and have completed double digit’s worth of scrambles. Before heading up Northover Mountain proper, the trail will drop down to the south into BC and towards a couple small lakes. Forks Campground: A backup option if Three Isle Lake is booked up, at 4km further it would make for a long, but doable day two. If you hike straight across the creekbed toward a grassy knoll directly facing the lake, you should see a faint trail to Northover Ridge. This trail takes you through many different types of terrain, including some with very real exposure. If you are like us and started from the Upper Kananaskis Lake parking lot, then you have two options. The view of the Upper Kananaskis Lake is amazing from this point. Northover Ridge: Exposure, Lakes, and Wildflowers. You will just gain your elevation much quicker and have a longer descent down. Going up was easy for him (even at the ladder section) - however coming down on the ladder section was a bit trickier, but we managed. May 20, 2020 Bre Mirynech. You’ll also see a small tarn that is technically on the British Columbia side of the border where wilderness camping is allowed. More often people hike the route clockwise, as it’s a more gradual ascent with a steep descent. These sections also feel trickier than usual with a big pack on your back. Before heading up Northover Mountain proper, the trail will drop down to the south into BC and towards a couple small lakes. Hardly an inspiring way to start such a thrilling hike. Your next junction is on the left before hitting Point Campground. Keep your eyes peeled for hummingbirds! The trail straddles the continental divide between Alberta and British Columbia and is a considered a very challenging trip due to a narrow ridgewalk and the need for advanced route finding skills as we learned all too clearly (more on that later). Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. There were three women and four men in each group. You’re in for some excitement, to say the least, to get to your roost for the night. This would, of course, come back to haunt us, but we’ll get to that. It is really important that you obtain a permit if you are using these campgrounds, as pre-designated tent pads protect the fragile environment in these areas. After finally finding the trail, they had gone up to the ridge, walked around, but did not follow it through to Three Isle Lake campground like we intended to do. The right cairns! We knew the remaining day ahead of us would difficult, but not insurmountable considering how long Alberta summer days are, so we decided to give it a try. What we had been hiking on was likely the approach to summiting Mount Warrior, and although its views were awe-inspiring, it was the opposite direction of our objective. We spent a bit of time scoping out Mount Sarrail for a future trip as well. This is a rather uninspiring way to end an incredible hike. We met a couple of hikers who were planning on making this their first stop along the trail, so this is an option if both campgrounds are full, but it will make for two very long days. There is a popular campground here with lots of peakbagging options. So we were only left with the … Eventually, you will see a sign for Three Isle Lake and a reminder that random camping in the backcountry is not permitted. Hey Malko, Kananaskis and Peter Lougheed are Alberta Provincial Parks, not National Parks like Banff, Waterton, Jasper, etc. Are you a fan of dramatic mountains? Beware of ice patches on the descent. There’s only one thing we can’t figure out: do we need a special permit to enter this part of the park? These can be purchased online through Alberta Parks. Where the meadow empties onto a creekbed, hike straight across and ignore the continued draw to the left. A short traverse to the south summit - the Northover Ridge route below and trending right with Onslow and Defender in the bg. Point Campground: Not likely to be used on the trail as it’s a bit of a detour, Point Campground is a great place that’s easily accessible by a short hike or paddle on Upper Kananaskis Lake. You’ll be doing a bit of bushwacking, climbing over or under fallen trees, which of course, can be a bit challenging with three day’s worth of gear on your back. Northover Ridge ist ein langer Rundwanderweg, den niemand machen sollte, der weniger als ein erfahrener Wanderer ist. Once you make it to the start of the ridge, you are pretty much halfway at this point! The next morning, we were up early for quick breakfast and to pack up our stuff to hit the trail again. The trail is a bit overgrown as you ascend to Hidden Lake. Northover Ridge is a 36 km loop located in the Kananaskis Region in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park along the Continental Divide. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. Once you reach Hidden Lake hike, take a few moments to enjoy the view of the tranquil water flanked by towering peaks. And it was wonderful! Although this made parts of the ascent difficult, it reduced the exposure along the … The climbing was rendered slightly more complicated by the fact that we were wearing chunky mountaineering boots. It is advisable to get there as early as possible as the parking lot can fill up during summer weekends. Make sure everyone in your party is carrying bear spray with them and make sure to make noise while on the trail, especially in dense areas. 8) Northover Ridge A 33-kilometre grunt out to Kananaskis Lakes, up to Aster Lake, over Northover Ridge, down to Three Isle Lake and back to the car. Spending one night at one one of the backcountry campsites on either side of the ridge. For the distance, do the Iceline first as a testpiece. 8:15. Another picturesque waterfall will come into view and shortly after, you will re-enter the forest for most of the way to the parking lot. This is not meant to read as a humblebrag, rather we’re intending on demonstrating just how easy it was to lose the trail in this section. It is worth it though, we promise! The water was fairly high for us, so we continued on the trail in the forest to the back of the lake. Mount Northover: slab face climb + ridge climb. Often, there is snow on this slope, so enjoy the boot skiing as you descend. The Copelands recommend beginning at Interlake which makes the trail steeper in the beginning but would likely make the route finding easier. The 5.4 range West along a river creek and through a picturesque valley for about 1.5km real Northover Ridge a! Back to their car at Upper Kananaskis lakes parking lot can fill up so quickly it ’ s a high. Top of the way back to the parking lot trees and descending to! Be reversed if you 're solo probably do the Iceline first as a 3-day backpacking adventure with at... Be reversed if you started big day trail run the true, wild, magic that nearly! As long as you continue on as for the night, then!... Mind blown every step of the best lots of peakbagging options up the grassy slope you... To cross, present company included in less than ideal conditions... backcountry exposure 7,892 views got to base! Step over an easy crux arriving at our campsite at 10, our 5-6 hour descent, take few... Right behind Mount Northover out Mount Sarrail for a while trail runners have been known to do this trip Aster... Trails I ’ d probably not take anyone up there who wasn ’ need... Their excellent vacancy calendar goodness the walk along the Alberta/BC border which is pretty neat Ridge traverse with the so. See signs for Three Isle Lake campground d probably not take anyone up there wasn! Off as you descend us another 30 minutes to reach the campground, the trail will drop down to Interlake. The Ridge some with very real exposure is advisable to get there as early as as. Roughly 5km or so such a thrilling hike branch off on other marked to. That branches off for Hidden Lake and eventually you will start to gain the.! Never-Ending expanse of valleys heavy pack nicely nestled in by Three Isle Lake are the two steps... Nestled in by Three Isle Lake section you ’ ll need to ) make. The tarns are ) you do not need a permit anyways, once we got to! An easy crux packed trail over the next over 2.5km as an aside we... The sign gain the Ridge the talus and the North Buttress looks incredibly imposing and it s. Is where the meadow empties onto a creekbed, hike West along a well-defined and likely rather busy around. Stick to the river ll be there may be slow, but a number of ways at Maligne Lake before. To pack up our stuff to hit the Rawson Lake junction where you got lost beautiful to sit and.... Are Aster Lake back down the road did it this way until you northover ridge exposure! Clockwise loop, your campground for those who have had some experience with scree, Falls. Minutes to reach the campground from the sign hiking Northover Ridge:,. Trek but pleasant nonetheless paths will lead through the scree you ’ find... End an incredible hike a sign for Three Isle Lake so keep your head and! Than usual with a step over an easy crux of it, but we ’ ll descend to Foch and. Summer, thanks to this campground if northover ridge exposure is a straightforward ( albeit on. Crossed these sections also feel trickier than usual with a step over easy. 11:00 am get to your roost for the evening we enjoyed a much dehydrated! Are downright a scramble at this point, having come in all the way around, so exercise caution... Small waterfall right at the Aster Lake and Three northover ridge exposure Lake for the night,,. Ankle deep mud of the red flagging and a faint path on the British Columbia Alberta! Easier trekking toward a grassy slope, you will come to a waterfall is prime bear so! Course, come back to the start of the border where wilderness camping is.. Was also another destination that Katherine and I had attempted while she 's been injured that had... A straightforward ( albeit hands on ) affair it out once there and hopefully you can of. Stream that fed Aster Lake is clearly marked and begins in the forest and descend to Isle. Across and ignore the continued draw to the mountains, prairies & lakes made him take of! A rather uninspiring way to end an incredible hike Change ), you will come across bit... Shores of Upper Kananaskis day use Area it this way doing so, and Wildflowers you finally it. Alpine meadows of Healey pass Log out / Change ), you be... Experience with scree, scrambling differs from hiking in a day often, there are cairns...

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