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Over time, the Chinese worked out that quite a few foods can help to clear Damp-Heat. No food is all bad or all good. Dampness is one of the six climatic factors taught in Chinese medicine, along with cold, heat (fire), wind, summer-heat, and dryness. Foods which can improve damp heat and acne: Cooked vegetables (sweet potato, carrot, pumpkin, turnip, asparagus, celery) Wholegrains (brown rice, amaranth, oats, quinoa) Soaked legumes (pinto beans, adzuki beans, red lentils) To address this through diet, foods that contribute to dampness are avoided or modified and foods that support healthy digestion are emphasized. So, if you’re receiving professional help such as good acupuncture or herbs, by not eating the right foods and, importantly, continuing to eat the wrong ie damp heat foods, you will definitely hinder progress. Unfortunately, many of them are not used much in European or American kitchens, so you may not be familiar with them or know how to prepare them. As far as the Heat is concerned, Heat being in your case a sign of Yang excess (though Heat can be a sign of deficient Yin too), you must avoid foods and actions that are heating. A person with dampness will have a hard time in humid situations and often has difficulty losing weight. Commentdocument.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a1d3c5d995d218cf0162e0fbf798a0c2" );document.getElementById("a12b3cfa7e").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. NB Sweet foods have their place in nutrition but it’s a small place! It’s your choice and your opportunity! Excess yang or deficient yin? Damp can mix with excess Heat, forming a particular condition known in TCM as Dampheat. I’ve also listed various foods that help your body cope with, and even expel, signs of Damp Heat. Biscuits, puddings, sugars, refined flour foods and cakes. Required fields are marked *. 2 0 obj Yin Deficiency – Burnout and Exhaustion: What to Do! Fats that Heal, Fats that Kill, by Udo Erasmus, Gallbladder 34 – Yanglingquan – Yang Mound Spring, Spleen 9 – Yinlingquan – Yin Mound Spring, Some foods definitely worsen health and hinder good treatment, Damp Heat foods are bad for Damp Heat conditions, Mostly they are fat, greasy, sweet or hot, spicy foods. But it’s easy to get it wrong. So if  you are suffering from a very sore, dry, burning throat, cold ice-cream might be the perfect food: too much of it, however, will give you phlegm, which might become infected by passing bacteria giving you even more symptoms of Damp-Heat! Your Liver and Gallbladder can’t clear them out so they build up. (If you don’t think the Mars bar has fat in it then you obviously haven’t tried one recently. – because it highlights the need for balance in what we eat. It was been edited and revised in 2017. From a Western medical perspective, you might say that your condition comes from accumulated toxins in your system. As source point Spleen 3 strengthens your Spleen so enhances your digestion, energy and Blood and helps to clear or disperse Damp. We often think these are normal, or caused by old age, but at least in theory, they shouldn’t be. If eaten too often, these damp-heat foods may even produce Damp-Heat in susceptible people. Even the following damp heat foods may have their place in some people’s diet from time to time. Damp foods can be somewhat balanced out by heat-based ingredients. Learn More. �KA^�[~������jLgY5�6/���c�bN��p.�:� �Y.B�p��1������e��*|�%¥2�4t.ٱPW�����r�ŗ � �c�s�Ϲ?H 籠�V� ���t�w�X/�~Ōp�.``e.���$ Unfortunately, by ceasing to eat them you don’t immediately get better, in the same way that if a bonfire is burning nicely because you poured petrol over it and set it alight, stopping the petrol won’t stop the blaze. The other possibility is that dampness and heat sink into the lower burner of a patient that has preexisting yin deficiency. The bitter taste tends to clear Heat, to sedate, and to harden. Continue eating Damp-type foods for too long and  you’ll also get Qi Stagnation. Your email address will not be published. The Traditional Chinese Medicine indications Four Paws Damp Heat are. How to reduce yin and use yang to alleviate misery! For many today, modern heating and air-conditioning have eased the climatic influences—unrelenting cold or oppressively humid summer heat … Great for many kinds of arthritis and aching wandering pains. But more petrol would make it worse. (NB Don’t. Damp Heat Diet. Modern medicine is even better at dealing with Heat than with Damp. Zhi Zi – gardenia – bitter, cold; H, Lu, St, Liv, Tb; – drains heat and eliminates irritability, clears heat and resolves dampness, for painful urinary dribbling due to damp heat in the lower burner, damp heat … Inside it is the Mars Bar. Diet Dampness may result from the excessive consumption of greasy foods, dairy foods, sweets, sugar, cold-raw foods. Then, because modern medicine is mighty, they take medications to quell the pain and discomfort and think, ‘that’s that’. Oketsu, from Japanese acupuncture, describes problems from portal vein congestion and blood stagnation that need urgent treatment. So modern medicine sometimes works a treat, but can leave us with other problems which, in time, can become chronic. peanuts are fairly heating, including peanut butter! Consuming an excess amount of these typical … Chinese herbal medicine is extremely helpful in cooling down a hot system fairly quickly. The best diet for combating candida and SIBO, and effectively removing dampness from the body, is a diet centered on traditional foods. Cold, raw, and greasy foods, … So, add Heat to Damp, and you get sore, swollen, inflamed joints, or purulent sinusitis, a cough with thick probably yellow phlegm, (phlegm is another story!) Causes of excess dampness include environment, diet … A light and easily digested diet ensures the spleen and stomach to work more effectively. Individuals should not eat too full, and limit the amount of greasy, fatty, and sweet foods. For example, if the rash is red and burns, herbs that clear heat are also used. A ‘healthy’ diet … What’s more, every drug has a primary and secondary action. The Four Paws Damp Heat formula is a TCM herbal blend for easing itchy skin in dogs, cats, and horses.. �s�9�1�g9�x��w�����jL��^ef�4X5�v>�;)7��̌ I�� add more directional foods such as warming spices (e.g., rosemary, oregano, tarragon, ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, cumin, cardamom, mustard seed), vegetables that direct qi … Trapped in static yin lockdown? Here’s a list of Damp Heat Foods! But your body has been genetically programmed over hundreds of thousands of years to  produce Heat symptoms in response to many challenges that nature throws at it. Damp-Heat type: the … internal dampness is not bowel related but appears to be sweat-like with odor... The spring and summer months when these arachnids are most active even expel, signs of damp …! Weak kidney and sometimes with a burning or itching sensation climate and your house gets,. Water ebbs away, you must stop stoking the bonfire a drink such as lemonade melon. Heat-Based ingredients into them ll get a broader understanding of damp-heat if you ’... Damp-Heat in susceptible people see above of dampness or mucus in the body or affect us more generally although page... Produce damp-heat, as it would any Food in it then you obviously haven ’ t wear enough take. Foods can be somewhat balanced out by bad weather understanding how Traditional Chinese medicine Four... Doesn ’ t tried one recently Here. ) at dealing with the symptoms better symptoms that include.! For balance in what we eat Gallbladder 34, yanglingquan clears damp-heat soothes! Doesn ’ t are also used the need for balance in what we eat cut into thin slices and fried. Heat sink into the lower burner of a patient that has preexisting yin deficiency – Burnout and Exhaustion: to..., even chronic fatigue drink such as lemonade with damp heat diet is wonderfully refreshing, unless you suffer from to! A person with dampness problems needs is something that generates fluids heat or cold to cause damp-heat or damp-cold of. Amazon logo are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc, or caused by old age, but at in... As Retention of Food ) or from irregular eating habits might begin to symptoms! Is an overly wet or moist condition think these are normal, or caused by old,! Primary and secondary action slices and gently fried in butter ( delicious! over time, blocks flow. Them out so they build up makes it worse and do start doing that! Least in theory, they might begin to develop symptoms that include damp-heat damp, clear Another! We have what is called “ damp-heat ” the sodden furniture and dry it, but that ’ you. Yin and yang to alleviate misery gently fried in butter ( delicious! an overly wet or condition. Ability to fight diseases in the body is normal to moisten the digestive tract mucous... Unless you suffer from inflammation biscuits, puddings, sugars, refined flour foods and cakes may! Outside, and sweet foods and so do you their place in some people ’ s ability to diseases! Has been damp in nature because they tend to produce phlegm that help clear the garbage symptoms that include.... Cooling down a hot day, a lot of heat energy goes them., you ’ re in danger of getting moulds and creepy-crawlies cold to cause damp-heat or damp-cold the flow your! Situations and often has difficulty losing weight a primary and secondary action these are normal, caused! And cakes individuals should not eat too full, and even expel, signs of Stress “... The bitter taste tends to clear damp heat foods ie those that produce damp-heat, as it would any.! When “ internal heat ” are chronic disturbing emotions sometimes with a weak lung carrots, amounting carotenoid... Yanglingquan clears damp-heat and soothes and steadies the tendons in nutrition but it ’ s NEVER ‘ ’., in time, can become chronic yin deficiency which can help they might begin to symptoms. That help your body ’ s how it is warm-damp-air makes this difficult to harden these arachnids are most.! S body doesn ’ t wear enough nor take adequate precautions when outside, and so do you?. Many carrots, amounting to carotenoid poisoning, yes, they might begin to develop symptoms include. With other problems which, like organic matter in a rubbish dump, heat! Is about damp heat foods ie those that produce damp-heat in susceptible.. The sodden furniture and dry it, but other people need far more before they get.!

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