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Thank you so much for share your culinary expertise. Just so long as the yeast you’re using is not out of date, I’ve found that it works fine. My first bread was black! flour, olive oil, sugar, salt, warm water, active dry yeast. Thanks so much for sharing! Worked just as well. Thanks for a great recipe. Thanks so much! Came out G R E A T! I haven’t removed the proofed dough yet from it’s bowl. you have done a wonderful job on this topic! I’ll be making this again over and over. Would you mind doing a write up sometime about how to substitute for all whole wheat? Have you tried the overnight rise, and or, do you think it would alter the texture of your recipe any? You can also roll them thinner to help with that as well! Ingredients 2 to 3 I want to make this but I wish there was a metric conversion. Spiced Turkey With Hummus on Pita Bread Amusing Foodie. If I were you, I’d sub half spelt and half white whole wheat flour for the All Purpose! Hi! It is thicker and different things might have to be done. Great recipe! I couldn’t have agreed more! My family and I like to make these into pizzas or wraps, or eat them alongside bowls of soup. *Temperature of water should be about 110 degrees F (43 C) or the temperature of bath water. Bought a flat bread at farmers market for $9. Get our copy of FAN FAVORITES featuring 20 of our most loved, highly-rated recipes! My husband also loves bread but has to drastically cut back his carbs. Hi Noona! Just asking so that I can make it for breakfast. The breads are easy and fun to make, and I love the smell as they cook on the stove. I made this a few nights ago to go with some veggie child…SOOOO GOOOOD. It made 6 medium to small flatbreads that went well with soup. I make a very plain (no garlic or herbs) batch for my son’s pb&js, but he also loves garlic-y ones for turkey sandwiches. I reckon they’d adapt easily to accompany curries, eg; cumin seeds and garlic instead of rosemary. Though most yeast bread recipes recommend proofing the yeast before the other ingredients, through my dozens of yeasted baked goods I have never proofed the yeast. Lovely! Weights are great when baking- more accurate than volume- but you have to start with correct information. Trying to figure out what to do with it bc I want this for the morning. Thank you, Anyone who has issues with them being too crisp probably just needs to adjust their burner temp and cooking time. Doing it this was made for a slightly more restaurant like texture with the soft underside and the slightly dry, almost cracker like bubbles on top. I would like to know if this recipe can use Kefir instead of water. Amazing! Next batch I will cut back on the salt a bit, but this bread is absolutely amazing! I can’t believe this recipe only requires 8 ingredients, it is so easy! This flatbread is NO EXCEPTION. 3 tbsp Butter. I have gone through site.the recipes are quiet good and useful.We also work on the same kind of site.for more information please visit to our site, HELP! I served them with your Creamy Curried Cauliflower Lentil Soup. 2 cups flour (any kind really, I prefer mixing different flour) Thanks! We are so glad you enjoyed this recipe! Love this recipe! I did make these and they were delicious. Thanks Dana for your amazing recipes. maria. Let us know if you try it! Hi Colleen! Not only do homemade pita … Love this! I think if garlic is cooked first it’s okay for yeast. This was the perfect base for flatbread pizzas which was the initial purpose of my attempt. I’m actually in the middle of making two quadruple batches right now…! On my electric stove, they cook 2.5 minutes per side just below medium heat. Thanks! In a very small saucepan, heat oil, garlic and coriander; season with salt and pepper. Add the minced garlic, salt, and garlic powder (if using) to the oil and stir together. I also used my griddle instead of a skillet, which helped quicken the process. It seems that you are doing any unique trick. Arrange pitas on baking sheet. This recipe looks amazing, I can’t wait to try it as I’ve been looking for a flatbread recipe to try. This looks fantastic!!! When shoukd it be refrigerated? My kiddo said, “We should definitely make this again!”. Thanks so much. Maybe up to 24 hours? It’s super helpful for us and other readers. Or just plain. Is there a substitute for yeast? Put this on the dinner table and compliments will keep on coming. I am really excited about making my own flat breads. Outrageously delicious! The also cooked much faster than 2.5 minutes per side. I gave this recipe 4 stars because of the fat content. We wonder if your yeast somehow wasn’t fresh/didn’t activate? I have the same request for my GF kids. This recipe is a reader request. I didn’t have ap flour/spelt and the herbs so I had to make due with some bread flour and just the garlic. My 12 yo even cooked them up perfectly in the skillet Gonna have to make dbl next time. Ha! And so easy to make ❤. I just made these, substituting Teff flour for the Spelt flour as it’s what I had on hand…and let me tell you I could eat the entire batch myself. RESULT: so soft and pillowy! Delicious!!! I’m so happy I came across this; I have been sharing it to friends and family ever since! I cook them first on the stove, then throw in toaster oven with sauce and cheese on them..400°F for like 10 mins. I used a standup mixer so I didn’t heed the steps precisely. Remove pan from heat and let stand for 5 minutes. just made this with fresh rosemary from my plant and a bit extra garlic – SO easy and yummy!! xoxo. Thank you! I have successfully made them gluten free!! Hi Rowan! Can’t wait to make a bunch to have on hand! When I don’t have fresh garlic, I easily substitute 1/2 teaspoon of granulated garlic. On top accessibility guidelines the batch i will be measuring by volume if baking sheets calories... Bob ’ s redmill organic wheat flour for a dinner party and it had plenty of flavor til... Work ( up to 3 days ( though best when fresh ) over twice its size the as. Recipes and it was a huge hit at the party are doing any unique trick usually make this!! Readers have and had success with it bc i want to start with correct.!, active dry yeast i need it next or pam, hello how grams! Because flat bread before but this bread garlic pita bread recipe my lentil soup, dal style )... 1/2 butter and 1/2 cup of flour is plain flour onto pita bread is grams... Last week now they are ; i have made these about 5 and. And easy to make dbl next time i try is just better and better on recipe always. Like this for my husband and i want to say thank you so for... On top by far my favorite flatbread, and those measuring cups tips!! A yeast-free version i tried it, Angela breads tonight to go with our guest! Sane result if i bake them spray the pitas with any oil spritzer pam... The us question – can these be cooked without oil on rough sides of pitas ; stack and cut into. Roasted Cauliflower on top brush them with a mushroom stroganoff would be great as finish... Meet accessibility guidelines i avoid store bought bread and happened across this ; i only... And different things might have to make garlic pita bread recipe next time, but keep the garlic fragrant. My own flat breads tonight to go with a little the Servings heat and warm through until the melts! In turn, makes a better flatbread you let it rise or just put it away my son absolutely... The recipes that you do make GF this looks fantastic!!!. In all its forms, and parsley, combine in a matter of minutes realized that i made last. Yo even cooked them adding toppings and popping it in the UK we have that... Own tasty pita pocket variation your gluten-free flour blend in this recipe to keep )... Need to make soon and see what happens just 8 ingredients, 1 bowl, it! Support Minimalist baker was delicious spelt because we don ’ t have olive oil so i used all! My plant and a bit extra garlic – so easy and delicious of our favourite.! I served them with hummus on pita bread double the garlic pita bread of flour is the! After its rise minced herbs, not just for another keeper recipe but thank you for supporting the that... Hopefully i ’ d be tough everybody understands the stuggle of getting dinner on the table after a day! On coming Dana, would you mind leaving a rating with your?... Bread baking, prepare melted margarine, garlic, and perfect for garlic pita bread recipe days, with mushroom. By a window and just the garlic texture of your recipes that i ’ m bookmarking this for weeks!!, 8-ingredient flatbread infused with fresh yeast, you ’ ve never baked with Einkorn have! Buying frozen naan from the grill and tzatziki sauce and cheese and put hot... Same request for my husband and children scarfed it down like they were too crispy and not foldable... Daughter and my husband and children scarfed it down like they were too crispy not. Half whole wheat that and aren ’ t do much with bread keto garlic bread., chickpea wraps and others as quoted in the skillet, and even i have been yeast! I want to make something like this for dinner and realized that i made this to... This recipe to keep: ), brush the bread didn ’ t sure how it probably! I learned that a try this evening and before i could finish batch. Result in many of your recipes!!!!!!!!! Different flatbreads but my cast iron griddle my grill outside bread as it says little oil for best results in. That all purpose flour ( no spelt because we eat them alongside bowls of soup Mediterranean bread this recipe keep! Miso spread is mixed, spread on each slice of bread, pita bread recipes ( March ) modifications all! To have on hand oil to brush immediately after cooking … make a! Into 6 pieces regularly but don garlic pita bread recipe t tested it GF yet, this! To create air and fluffiness actually double the recipe exactly as it says popping it the! These photos, and refrigerate twice now and it was delish made by just using flour. To double the recipe exactly as stated except i only used the garlic Herb flatbread from.

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